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We look forward to investing in, and supporting, extraordinary people and businesses that address the consequences of climate change, increasing demand for low carbon energy, and stress on the Earth’s natural resources. We believe innovative solutions to these global challenges will benefit society and offer outstanding investment opportunities.

Leveraging a 40 year friendship and business partnership between the principals, Roger Strauch and Dan Miller, The Roda Group is committed to sharing its collective wisdom, extensive network of contacts, and financial resources to build the businesses with which we are associated.

The Roda Group's most recent investments:

Axine based in Vancouver, Canada, has developed a low-cost, chemical-free solution for treating high concentrations of problematic, toxic organics, ammonia, and other pollutants in industrial wastewater solving a multi-billion dollar problem for large companies in a wide range of industrie including pharmaceuticals. Its energy-efficient, scalable system treats recalcitrant pollutants at up to five times lower cost than conventional chemical or biological solutions.

Gridtential Energy, Inc., based in Sana Clara, California, has developed an advanced Silicon JouleĀ® energy storage technology that incorporates semiconductor wafers in a battery that provides the best attributes of traditional lead batteries (low cost, safety, recyclability, wide temperature range) and the best attributes of lithium batteries (low depth of discharge, fast charging and discharging rates, and long cycle life). Multiple battery manufacturers are licensing Gridtential's technology and commercial Silicon Joule batteries will be available starting in 2021 for a wide variety of energy storage and mobility applications.

Svante Inc. (formerly Inventys Thermal Technologies), based in Vancouver Canada, has developed a post-combustion CO2 capture technology for industrial plants and Direct Air Capture (DAC) applications. Using its proprietary structured sorbent
technology, Svante system can capture CO2 for about half the cost of existing solutions. The system is also a fraction of the size of current chemical-based capture systems, making it much easier to retrofit existing industrial plants. Svante is operating a 30 ton-per-day pilot plant in Saskatchewan and is developing a large commercial system for a Lafarge cement plant. The company also announced a partnership with Climeworks where Svante will be providing its structured sorbents for use in Climeworks' DAC systems.

Recent News

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